Mini Buffet



Festive Surcharge of +$2.00/pax for All Menu from 11 December 2023 until 25 February 2024
Mini Buffet B2 includes:
Seafood Fried Rice
  Indonesian Grilled Chicken (House Special)
Nonya Sambal Fish
Har Lok
Sayur Lodeh
Signature Mackerel Otah
Mango Pudding
Served in One-Time Use Tray/Containers.
Plates, Cutleries, Serviettes, Table Sheet and Trash Bag are provided.
Add Ons
Vegetarian Bento Price Quantity Select
Standard Vegetarian Bento

Served with 4 Dishes & Steamed White Rice

Enhanced Vegetarian Bento

Served with 4 Dishes & Fried Rice/Noodle

Indian Vegetarian Bento

( Served with 4 Dish + White Rice )

Side Order Savoury Price Quantity Select
BBQ Drumlet $1.20
Black Pepper Drumlet $1.20
Honey Glazed Drumlet $1.20
Wing Stick with Thai Sauce $1.20
Mutton Satay $0.85
Beef Satay $0.85
Chicken Satay $0.85
Side Order Dessert Price Quantity Select
Assorted Eclaire & Cream Puff $1.20
Assorted Slice Cake $1.20
Assorted Nonya Kueh $1.20
Almond Beancurd with Longan $1.80
Mango Pudding $2.00
Assorted Fruits Cup $2.50
Side Order Drink Price Quantity Select
Assorted Packet Drinks $0.80
Mineral Water $1.00
Barley Cordial $1.00
Fruit Punch $1.00
Lime Cordial $1.00
Orange Squash $1.00
Lemon Grass Drink $1.50
Side Order Finger Food Price Quantity Select
Fried Crab Stick $1.00
Lobster Ball $1.00
Popcorn Chicken $1.00
Chicken Nugget $1.00
Seaweed Chicken $1.00
Thai Fish Cake $1.50
Grilled Nonya Otah $1.20
Grilled Mackeral Otah $1.50
Side Order Dishes Price Quantity Select
Dry Mee Siam $4.00
Fried Laksa $4.00
Mee Goreng $4.00
Mee Siam with Gravy $5.50
Laksa with Gravy $5.50
Order Summary
Function Date
Selected Time
Mini Buffet B2 $18.00